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Benefits of inoRAC Remote Racking

Did you know that 5 to 10 Arc Flash incidents occur every day?* These result in injuries like loss of hearing, severe burns and even death. You can prevent this from happening to your personnel by incorporating Remote Racking into your safe-work practices.

Hazard Elimination

Users can operate circuit breakers remotely, from outside of the dangerous Arc Flash hazard area - eliminating the risk of injury or death.

Equipment Protection

The device monitors breaker position and torque at multiple setpoints, and applies torque only when needed. This protects the racking mechanisms and components of the switchgear.


Over 100 accessories and breaker connection tools make the inoRAC compatible with most LV & MV circuit breakers.

Easy to Use

The high-resolution color touchscreen provides step-by-step instructions in an easily-followed process.

Breaker Data Storage

One device can store over 100 Circuit Breaker Profiles, for easy access the next time you need it.

Dedicated Support

Our Technical Support Specialists setup and commission each unit, train all personnel and support after-purchase upgrades and troubleshooting.

Safety is Key.

For that reason, inoLECT has designed a universal Remote Racking unit that can be programmed to safely rack all of your circuit breakers in and out. By allowing operators to remotely rack breakers from over 80 feet away, the inoRAC™ can greatly reduce the risk of an employee sustaining an arc flash injury. The inoRAC™ remote racking device is compatible with all major manufacturers low and medium voltage breakers, it's easy to move and can be custom-programmed to mimic your site's operating procedures.


Safe, User-friendly & Efficient

• Unit constantly controls & monitors torque & position to protect personnel & equipment from damage
• Remotely operated from outside of the arc flash boundary, over 75’ away User-Friendly
• Compatible with LV and MV circuit breakers from all major manufacturers
• Forklift/Dolly design is easy stored & maneuvered
• Accessories allow one unit to operate different breakers Efficient
• High-Def Color touch panel provides realtime feedback of breaker status
• Adjustable motor can be raised or lowered to align with any level of breaker
• Unit racks breakers quicker & safer than can be achieved by hand  


Why choose inoRAC™ over the competition?

Unlike competing products, the inoRAC™ monitors torque at two separate setpoints and applies it only when needed. The unit measures STAB TORQUE and RACKING TORQUE, which allow it to be better tuned and provide optimal equipment protection. Here's a comparison of how most remote racking products apply torque, compared to the inoRAC™. In the chart on the left, the unit is applying the same amount of torque from the point of connection to the point where it stops. The chart on the right shows the inoRAC™ applying torque at specific points in the racking process, which is instrumental in preventing damage to the breaker racking mechanism.


Breaker Compatibility

Here are just some of the many circuit breakers the inoRAC is compatible with. Don't see yours on the list? Call us and ask. I bet we can rack it.


Westinghouse DS


Federal-Pacific DST2


GE Magneblast DS


ABB Advac


Allis-Chalmers/Siemens MA


ITE K3000


15kv Powl Vac


DB-50 & DB-25

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Here are the Details.

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